Why Choose Gold Calling Over Cold Calling

The research is pretty sound and any sales person, who believes that their sales day is best spent “Cold” calling, should view the research below:

  • 75 % of B2B buyers now use social media to research their vendors
  • 90 % of B2B decision makers, will never respond to “Cold” calling techniques
  • On average 6.8 stakeholders are involved in every B2B buying decision
  • 74 % of decision makers choose the sales professional, who is first to bring real value and show insight
  • 95 % of decision makers choose the partner (vendor), who delivers meaningful content to support them to navigate each stage of the sales process
  • 82 % of decision makers viewed at least five pieces of content from the winning partner (Vendor), before making a buying decision.


  • “Cold” calling is a really ineffective way to spend you sales day
  • Buying decisions are made by more than one person in an organisation. It is no longer effective to connect and communicate with only one decision maker
  • Creating meaningful content and having a powerful social media presence is no longer a nice to have, it is a crucial part of any sales process.
  • Understanding how to consistently add meaningful value to your future customers is crucial.
    • This starts with first identifying your perfect prospect, who needs exactly what you have to sell
    • As a sales professional, you cannot have a one size fits all approach towards your customers any longer.
    • You need to innovate and customise your approach towards each future customer.
  • You need to consistently send valuable content to your magnificent 50, so that they can develop an understanding around how you can support them into the future.

I am sure you are looking at all the above and thinking, wow that is a lot of work. The truth is that your customers and markets have changed. Attempting to use the old outdated sales tools and techniques that worked in the past, will just not cut it today.

If you want to be successful as a sales professional in the future, you need to adopt these new ways of connecting and engaging with your future customers.

I don’t see this as work at all. I see it as a way to revitalise and re-energise you. This new way of selling makes selling interesting and will help you to feel excited about selling again.